Saturday, June 26, 2010

Evening meeting supports PAL

The evening meeting on June 24 at Chevy's to support the Police Activities League (PAL) was a lot of fun. PAL received 25% of all food revenue every time PAL was mentioned.  Nice fundraiser!

Club Bulletin - June 24, 2010

Bruce & Wally handle meeting formalities and I failed to win the raffle again. I was so disappointed I forgot who did. Sheriff Steve announced that today is his two month anniversary of his remarriage to Dixie. Chaplain Wally wondered what happened on this day in 1948? He also announced that on this Saturday if you eat at the Panda Express in Sherwood from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM, 20% of your purchase will be donated to the Public Safety Chaplaincy! Let's support Wally and bring our flyers. It's located by the Target Store south of 99W just off of Tualatin Sherwood Road. (21155 SW Baier Way #113)
Lori Buffington stepped up and did the calligraphy on Joan's new member certificate so now she can be official. Now if only Bruce remembers to bring it to this evening's meeting? Tony reported that the six year old David for whom he is riding in Candlelighters has been moved to hospice and won't make it to the Sep. ride. Tony still needs donations to help the other families who have children struggling with cancer.

Gary M arranged a martial art demonstration for us this morning on the art of taekwondo, the Korean amalgamation of fighting with feet and fist. We watched Jeremy, his grandson, break wood slabs with his foot as well as spar and practice various patterns with his trainer, Master Jim Null. Jeremy has achieved 2nd degree level black belt and Jim is a level 6 black belt. The 25th of June in 1950 was the beginning of the Korean War so this was an appropriate topic this morning.

Wally wondered what happened on the 24th in 1948. The Russians blockaded Berlin cutting off rail and road access to the part of the city occupied by the western powers. This lead to the Berlin Airlift to bring in food and supplies with over 200,000 flights carrying 13,000 tons of daily necessities. It was one of the 1st major international crises. June is a tough month.