Saturday, July 17, 2010

Opti BeaBull July 15, 2010

After our pledge to the flag, Wally led the invocation. Then he wanted to know what happened this day in 1903? Steve collected $5.00 for winning last week’s raffle and Dave Chrisman won today and will collect $6.50 next week. Jocelyn from the PAL Club came to thank us for our donation. Bruce reminded us that on Sept. 25th our Installation Banquet is scheduled. Hopefully we’ll have volunteers who accept the challenge of leading our group to “bring out the best in kids.”

Bob P brought blank Committee Budget Submission Requests which will determine next year’s projects we want to get involved in supporting children. If there is a project you feel we need to be doing, now is the time to write it up and submit your idea. Scott Thompson and Marv Doty volunteered to help Primrose audit the books for next year.

Alan invited everyone to attend the Pacific NW Optimist Convention in Richland Washington Aug 19th – 21st. Danny Rogers, the International President will be there. For more information posted by our Governor got to:

This was definitely a week for birthdays! Susan Nordstrom, Barry Baxter, Tony Montez and Jackie Pasciak all had them but only Tony made it to the meeting and sang to us. Perhaps that was because he also presented the program? Tom & Megan Baxter dropped by with their daughter, probably to sing to Barry? Tony had a reconstructed video of the plane hitting birds and ditching in the Hudson which was interesting. He also tapped into Wikileaks with footage of the helicopters killing the journalists reporting in Iraq. The TV camera was mistaken for some sort of RPG launcher. Oh well…

Last week’s birthday boy was Gary Mahone and he treated us with a rendition of happy birthday on his Jew’s harp. We also learned the Vern’s 92 year old sister passed away last week. Today Bruce left early to arrange for bike helmets for children whose moms are on the WIC Program. Next week Steve Crowthers is expecting a birthday cake.

Wally and the Public Safety Chaplains invited us to an Appreciation Dessert at the Hillsboro Comfort Inn Thursday, July 22nd, 7-8:30 pm. RSVP 503-643-8686. His Chaplains are also selling tickets to the Safeway Classic LPGA golf tournament which raises money for charities. Last year’s program donated $1,000,000 for local Portland charities. It is scheduled Aug 16th thru Aug 22nd. Wally is also offering a class on communication.

Back to July 15, 1903, Franklin would have been delighted because the Ford Motor Company took its first order from a Chicago dentist for an $850 Model A with a two-cylinder, eight-horsepower engine which was the most powerful to be found in a passenger car. I thought model T’s came first!?

by Alan Zehntbauer

Photos: Top - Jocelyn from PAL says thank you. Bottom - Tom and megan Baxter and daughter.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Opti BeaBull July 1, 2010

Noel led our flag pledge and Wally gave the invocation. Dick S. won the raffle. So things started out normal but we had no speaker so we turned on ourselves. It was reported that Bob P missed the last meeting because he slept in. Apparently he slept all day because he didn’t make the evening get together either. He attempted to avoid a fine by telling us about the glories of night golf at Kilarney. You hit a ball which lights up and aim it at a hole illuminated by a glow stick with the course sort of outlined by these sticks. Meanwhile, he drives around on a golf cart trying to sell you beer. You are desperately watching your ball while not walking into the lake and hoping you can get to it before it goes dark. We ignored his story and fined him anyway. He plans on bringing budgeting sheets next meeting to get even and so we can plan for next year.

Wally asked what happen on this day in 1863? Many knew because Schouten talked about visiting Gettysburg after picking up Marijke, his youngest daughter, from Cornell College. She has passed her first round of Foreign Service exams. Her older sister, Erika, is working on her master’s degree while working at a paid internship at Holly Cross Hospital in Washington DC. The parents took pity on the two girls and helped get some furnishings for their apartment.

Wally has tickets to women’s golf which the Chaplains are selling to raise money. He says the Teen Center in Sherwood is interested in our Optimist Internet Safety Program so we’ll explore together whether it will work for them. And Wally will review our web site situation and help decide whether to go with the Governor’s kind offer or muddle thru on our current site.

Patsy Ackley was able to visit this morning. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her. Besides working overtime, she has been caring for parents and visiting the Golden Crown a known hangout for Karaoke.

Scott Thompson returned from Maui and an impending round of baseball and soccer with the kids. There was a report on Richard Hose who has joined Dusty for Poker Evenings and is getting shots in his ailing knee and perhaps has accepted a full time job where he works. Does this mean no more afternoon golf or biking with the Senior Rollers?

Jack reports hearing from Steve Wabnitz who has landed a job as a GSA looking after 40 buildings and his wife Jennifer is teaching. Jack is nostalgic for the old days when we helped run the Beaverton Parade and wants us to reserve a place in it throwing out candy to the kids with Commissioner Schouten waving and poor Vern having to get his old convertible out and driving these clowns around. Vern seemed a bit uncertain!? Anyway, it is an idea with a little polishing to get the Optimists out in the public. Now if Marv can march his Veterans of Foreign Wars behind the car…

Gary read us the Declaration of Independence or at least told us about his copies and Lillian mentioned blood drives and led us in the Creed.

by Alan Zehntbauer