Friday, August 27, 2010

BeaBull from August 26

After our Pledge of Allegiance, Chaplain Wally gave our invocation and wondered what happened on this day in 1939? He mentioned something about sports. Sheriff Steve ran our raffle and Joan won and will collect $7.00 next Thursday. Bob Arneson claims everyone shook his hand. What’s the point in having secret greeters in this overly friendly club? Wally also seeks our blood for his blood drive.

I accidentally looked over the shoulder of this gal in the grocery checkout and she was viewing this picture in a magazine of two apparently naked people covered in blood. I couldn’t stand it and asked what was going on and found out we were dealing with vampires. Sorry Wally, but this picture may stay with me for some time. Anyway…back to history.

My radio reminded me that only five years ago Katrina wiped out New Orleans. Ninety years ago today, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was signed, granting women everywhere, in the states, the right to vote. So what did Wally pick to remind us about in 1939 you might ask? Television that’s what! A baseball game was broadcast to someone for the first time who must have had a set. (I’m thinking an older fat man who owned his own ball club perhaps?)

Since we’re talking history here: Beaverton History Center

Located at 12412 SW Broadway, our new
center will open its doors on July 31st.
Hours are
noon to 4pm Tues, Thurs & Sat.
Our first exhibit is about the Atfalati-Kalapuya natives who were here a long time before Augustus Fanno and Lawrence Hall arrived in 1847. Learn about how they lived, what they ate and see some of the stone tools and hand woven baskets that they made. All this and more are on display.
Lillian has arranged for Washington County’s Sheriff to come talk next Thursday probably about our upcoming levy to have patrols drive thru our neighborhood. Bob Primrose announced he was on the way to the hospital to welcome a new granddaughter this morning. I tried to match him with my granddaughter due on the 31st.

Henry Truax drove up from Albany to share our impressions of the Pacific NW District Optimist Convention. He had agreed to be our delegate so we could vote for the Governor Elect.  Bill French from our own Zone 4 Hillsboro Club won on the first vote. He had traveled around and met with 75% of our Clubs to ask for their vote. It is a four year commitment. Gay Enyeart did a masterful job of putting his name in contention for the job. And she agreed to visit Beaverton and help motivate us a bit and share her knowledge as a Past Governor.

We showed Governor Linda the brochure which Jeannie Moton designed for our Club. She would like to have Jeannie send her a copy in a format which other clubs could borrow and use as an information handout and publicity piece. International Vice President Mark Weinsoff sends his greetings to Jeannie and says they are still providing a bag of goodies to the children who have cancer at the hospital which Jeannie put together in California.

We learned that, as of the moment, we are the number one District in the West. Our Governor to be, Ed Murphy has developed a strategic plan for the District which includes forming  an under 40 years old advisory board to mitigate all the grey hair he sees and to get young blood committed to revitalizing the organization. Danny Rogers, OI’s International President got a video camera to play with and there is a 5 minute You Tube tape of the Convention available. There are also pictures of Meriwether Lewis in uniform and other notables who attended the costume breakfast and evening barbeque in the park along the Columbia River.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PNW District Convention fun

Pictures from the District Convention taken by Lt. Governor and Beaverton Optimist Club Member Alan Zehntbauer

Monday, August 2, 2010

Opti BeaBull July 29, 2010

Facing an empty podium and missing leader, Marv D stepped up to the challenge and led us in a flag salute and invocation. Now we could eat! Since there was no speaker, I was selected to pick a raffle winner because of being too cheap to enter. I lost my concentration and selected Joe Coss as the $5.50 winner. Sheriff Steve handed Treasurer Joe the entire pot of money which he promptly stuck in his pocket. This still doesn’t seem right to me? The rest of the meeting was comprised of announcements and info sharing.

Bob Arneson reported 27 of our Scouts were over at Camp Meriwether with seven adults. There are now about 42 boys in the group and a new Scout Leader is taking over as our last Scout Master’s son earned his Eagle and is headed of to college I suppose.

Marv D and Franklin are talking about hooking up a flatbed to Jack’s new truck and entering this in Beaverton’s Parade as an Optimist float. Now all we need is PAL Club kids and Scouts and lots of candy to throw and perhaps a Commissioner or two with lots of signage.

Speaking of Commissioners, Dick has located enough helpers to man his bridge and keep traffic flowing during Bridge Pedal on Aug. 8th. Joe Coss raised his hand several meetings ago so expect to see him as you pedal by.

Dusty says they have over 100 cars entered in the T-Hills Classic at the Rec. Center and Gary is polishing up his MG to be one of them I think.

Gary also briefed us on his second love, miniature airplanes. The Oregon Miniature Aircraft Squadron (OMAS)  will be putting on an airshow off Kansas Rd at the Lewis Farms on Sat. & Sun. There is also a pond so there will be radio controlled boats as well. He will be selling his plane do to his problem with his legs.

We adjourned a bit early.