Friday, December 24, 2010

Opti- B –Bull 12-23-2010

Welcome all fourteen members and guests this morning.    Merry Christmas
The meeting opened with our flag salute and Wally’s invocation.  Followed by this day in history 1982, later for those interested.
No secret greeter this morning other than Pres. Alan, which could be considered a little sneaky. However it made for all to greet each other in true optimist style.
This morning’s raffle winner was Marv Doty.  Marv will receive $6 dead presidents next week.
Alan told of one of our members attending last week’s gift exchange that could not wait to raffle off his great prize while on a bike outing.  I understand it was a treasured item of high value. Alan, why did you tell on Bruce??
Our member Richard Hose, after his knee surgery, is recovering at home and Alan said he is doing well.  Hope to see you soon at breakfast, Richard.
This day in history, in 1982 the Missouri town of “Time Beach” was evacuated and demolished by order of the Missouri health department.  Why, you ask. Time Beach had dirt roads which became dusty at times - so the people sprayed chemical dioxin on the road to cut the dust, not knowing it was a health hazard.  The spray was furnished by waste-hauler at low price which gives the lesson, “Watch out what you buy.”  More to the story, you should have been there.
Speakers  this morning was Brian Reynolds the new troop 870 Scoutmaster and Joe Mueller the outgoing troop Scoutmaster.  Each reviewed the troops activities in the past and future coming events for troop 870.  Presently the troop has 42 members from  10 to 18 years of age.  This troop has a very active schedule through the year which keeps a very high interest in the troop.  Starting on January 1st they will be collecting Christmas trees from homes for grinding.  This will last for three weekends and is their major fund raiser.  All funds pay for their troop’s activities for the year.  Thanks Brian and Joe for joining us this morning.  Alan mentioned to Brian that he can have a paid Optimist membership if he would join us through the year.
Happy Holidays Everyone
Until then…

Friday, December 17, 2010

Opti- B – Bull 12-16-10

This morning we held our Christmas breakfast buffet and gift exchange.   As always we invited our spouses, neighbors, and friends. We even had one daughter and granddaughter.
The morning was opened with our flag salute followed by Wally’s invocation.
Prior to breakfast, we made a call to past Pres. Jim Cates in Silverton ( I think we woke him) to sing happy birthday.  I hope this met with your satisfaction Jim.  Happy birthday was on the 12th.
Each year we order a breakfast buffet (which was great) but there was one thing missing, Pat’s wonderful cookie assortment. Yes Pat, we missed you.
Now on to the gift exchange.    As we entered with a gift we were given a number. As the numbers were called to select your gift at random, you had a choice to trade your ticket for a opened gift or select one from the table.  Simple and no confusion (wrong), some were hiding their gifts so they could not be traded.  All in all we always have a great time and it’s fun to see a full room.
In addition to the gift exchange we collected canned goods for the Sunshine Pantry.  And we added a collection for our server for such good service throughout the year.
Next week 12-23-10 our speakers are the outgoing and incoming scoutmasters of our troop we sponsor though the year. Please plan to attend and thanks to Bob Arneson for inviting them as speakers.
Our December 30th meeting (if you can attend) will be open for sharing what wonderful gift and Christmas you had with your families.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!
Until then…
Monday we’ve scheduled a solar eclipse for your pleasure…the mgmt.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opti- B-Bull December 9, 2010

Once again our meeting was opened on time (7:00 a.m.) by Pres. Alan.  Jack Franklin led us in the flag salute followed by the invocation by Wally Johnston.  (The year to remember is 1921). 

After the bell two folks arrived a little late.  It was great to see Barry and Joe dig for their coins.

Wally Johnston will be retiring from the Sherwood Police force as chaplain on December 10.  Congratulations Wally.

Gary Mahone was the winner of today’s raffle.  Let’s see, April, how much was the pot?  I believe it was around $50.00 so don’t let him tell you it was only $8.00.

This coming Monday is our Board Meeting.  The meeting is held at the Beaverton Resource Center – starting time is 6:30 p.m.  All club members are invited and the meeting lasts 1-1/2 hours.

This day in history, 1921, General Motors engineers discovered that if you blended lead into gasoline, car engines would run quieter – stops engine noise. See what you can learn by attending our breakfast meetings, and without a speaker of the day.

Coming up next week is our annual Christmas Breakfast and gift exchange.  Bring a wrapped gift and join in on the fun of trading and hiding.  Don’t forget, bring a guest.

Next up on December 23 we will have the new and old scoutmasters as our speaker.  This is a great time to be a part of the scout troop we have sponsored for years.

Birthdays:  Last week this writer missed announcing Alan Z’s birthday (retraction).  This week we honored two, Francis Mijo and Bob Primrose.  Thank you all for the great singing.  On December 12 there is another big birthday, Jim Cates.  It would really be nice if we could see Jim and Sharon at our Christmas party and we could sing to Jim.  (If the price is right)

Please try to join us each week.  This week as we did not have a speaker so there came the jokes. (one groaner)  So you see we do have a good time anyway.  See you next week.

Until then…..