Thursday, February 24, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 2-24-11

          Our Flag salute was led by Gene Grosse and Marv Doty gave the invocation. Our Chaplain Wally was missing because the doctors discovered an infection in his leg.  According to his Facebook they made him come in last night for an operation. He’s at St. V’s in room 904 and Linda says he can have visitors. Now he only has pain when putting pressure on it whereas before it hurt all the time. We all signed a get well card.
After a careful review of Bob’s roster dated Jan. 2011, as he implored me, I detected no birthdays for this week. Our numbers were pretty small because it snowed a little over the night and even Beaverton closed their schools. Dick S didn’t make it to the meeting to collect his raffle winnings…perhaps it was too slippery for his bike? And our Treasurer failed to show up so I took possession of the money. We skipped a raffle but Bob A paid for our speaker’s breakfast. He is my hero! Berry was here hoping Joe would bring a check because we need to send the Essay contest packet with our winner to the Pacific NW District Chairman. Berry enclosed his own check so he is my hero also. He has arranged to have her and her family come and read her Essay March 31st. Our members were so delighted with the publicity Marv T achieved by getting the Oregonian to publish the info on our Public Safety Scholarship, they hope we can also publicize our Essay contest. We all expressed our appreciation to Barry for his hard work.
A review of history revealed that in 1803 the chief justice of our supreme court decided in Marbury v. Madison that the court decides whether laws congress passes are constitutional. This drove Jefferson crazy because this power isn’t found in our Constitution. In fact, the Constitution says none of the three independent branches of government can interfere with any other branch. Oh well… A hundred years later our navy was delighted and obtained a new base (drum roll) Guantanamo! In 1991 a ground offensive began which we know as the Gulf War. This thing still lingers around. I forgot to mention to our group that in 1848 the Communist Manifesto was published. Let’s hear it for Feb 24…
We ran thru a quick review of upcoming activities: golf tournament with the Hillsboro Club, wood stacking, evening meeting hosted by Joan and Susan, yard sale in June, 5K walk for childhood cancer and serving food at the Faith Café. It turns out that our guest speaker was also involved with starting the Faith Café. Bob A introduced Joan Goldhammer who reminded us about Rebuilding Washington County. We have participated in their projects in the past. Our timing is off this year. The National Rebuilding Day is the last Saturday in April each year and they formed up the teams on the 17th. We could offer our services to help out sometime this summer and she promised to find us a project. In past years, we painted and repaired some trailers on a Saturday which enabled the invalids to remain in the trailer park.
It turns out that Rebuilding Together is a national, non-profit volunteer low-income housing preservation organization. I thought it was just local. It helps preserve affordable housing by repairing and rehabbing houses of homeowners in partnership with the community. They have been performing free repairs in Washington County since 1994. She was interested in our golf tournament as they also run one. Apparently it takes a lot of work so we may have our work cut out for us. We presented her with our new Speaker Gift Coffee Mug which Bob obtained from a secret Newberg source and then fled the state to warm his toes in Hawaii. But who are we to begrudge the man his sybaritic , sensuous pleasure while we must remain buried in snow?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Press Release - Scholarship offered to students pursuing education in Public Safety

The Beaverton Optimist Club will again offer a $1000 scholarship to a student from the Beaverton area to pursue a career in public safety.
Optimist International is an international service organization whose motto is "Friend of Youth". Optimist clubs current main thrust is support for children with cancer. Other activities include oratorical and essay contests, support for scouts, reading programs, bicycle safety, and various other activities of benefit to the youth of the community.
Dean Mitchell, a local business man, was a former club president and district lieutenant governor who had an avid interest in law enforcement. He was instrumental in implementing an annual Beaverton Police family picnic and the club to celebrate respect for law week. After his death his widow assisted the club in establishing the Dean Mitchell Law Enforcement and Public Safety scholarship fund.
For information about the scholarship contact your local High School counselor's office or call Marv Thompson at 503-439-0901.
We invite anyone with an interest in serving the youth of the community to join the Beaverton Optimist club, who meet every Thursday morning from 7:00 to 8:00 AM at the Peppermill Restaurant at 17455 Farmington Road, Aloha, OR.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 2-17-11

Welcome new member Meredith Weber
shown with sponsor Joe Coss

            Flag salute by Jack Franklin and Alan the invocation, the meeting was off and running.  Alan you are correct, no birthdays today. Just as a reminder please use the roster dated Jan. 2011 to be sure.

            Alan reviewed last Tuesday’s board meeting where we discussed joining the Hillsboro club this summer to co-host a golf tournament.  Marv Thompson hopes to raise enough money for our Dean Mitchell Public Safety Scholarship. Joe Coss explained our club’s possibility of helping at the Faith Café serving Sunday meals to hungry families which could lead to more out reach  and perhaps members in our club and wood sales.  An Optimist night out is in the planning stages in April at a local restaurant for dinner. This would be for members, wives, and guests with a chance to maybe get some new members, more later.
            Reaching back Alan’s this day in history 1817 is when Baltimore was the first city to install gas street lights. That was so the horse and buggies rides through the streets would not get lost. In today’s time, older men like younger women so they can drive at night. This year Optimist International is holding its Annual Convention July 3-5th in Baltimore. And Thomas Jefferson was elected our third President on this day in 1801.
            Commish, Dick Schouten announced THPR has received an easement to Roy Dancer Park, this will allow better access to Roy’s park.  Oh, by the way while Dick was here this morning he won the raffle (AGAIN) $6.00.  Thanks Dick it really was my turn.
            Speaker this morning was Teresa Huntsinger from the Oregon Clean River council. Teresa spoke on the best ways to maintain clean rivers in our area, we live on Tualatin River basin. Keeping our storm drains clean from foreign materials is every ones duty. Don’t buy “Antibacterial” soap as the active ingredient triclosan combines with Clorox in our water treatment plants to make dioxin a potent carcinogen. To get involved in clean rivers and find out what to do, get on line to Love Your Rivers.Org.          Thanks Teresa
            Alan and Joe Coss were pleased to swear in our newest member Meredith Weber. Meredith came to us from the SMART program. Welcome Meredith!
Next week’s speaker will be Joan Goldhammer from Rebuilding Washington County.
      Have a nice March everyone!!                           Until then.     

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 2-10-11

This morning meeting was opened by the ring of the bell, Michael Stack (flag) and Dave Chrisman (invocation). It was a sunny 7 A.M. morning with smiles all around.
Reports:  Lillian reported that Wally Johnston is doing well from a knee problem and should see us next week.  Barry Baxter announced he now has eight entries in the Essay contest coming up on the 24th of this month, district finals on the 28th. Joe Coss introduced our newest club member Meredith Weber from SMART (pending board approval on the 15th).  Next Tuesday the 15th is our board meeting starting at 6:30. We meet at the community center on Allen all are invited.
This Day in History:  In Wally’s absence Alan tries, but I’m not sure where he gets his information. This day in the 1960’s Gary Powers (the high flyer) crashed in Russia and was supposed to take a pill (not sure what kind)[cyanide!] then Ralph Nader had something about car safety. Last item was that if you’re in politics in Belgium you’re not to have any Hanky-Panky (sex) until a new government is formed. (Otherwise, it will have taken them longer than Iraq to get their act together)   I wonder how long before elections, in the U.S. it can take two years. Wally hurry back!!!
Speaker:  Bob Arneson introduced Eric Hearn the District Director of the Sunset Trail District for the Boy Scouts. This being the 100th year of Scouting Eric reviewed all about their program successes. Our local District serves over 3100 youth and young adults within 131 units, cub packs, and ventures programs.  Bob Arneson announced our troop is very strong and after completing this year’s tree recycle program, they now have ample monies to cover this year’s programs.
Next Speakers:  February 17th  Teresa Huntsinger  from the River Keepers will talk on a program to clean our streams. Coming up is a river restoration day March 5th at Munger Lane Farm with the Tualatin Riverkeepers. More from Teresa on the 17th.
February 24th we have Joan Goldhammer from Rebuilding Washington County.
Isn’t  it fun being a Beaverton Optimist…………………Until Then           

Friday, February 4, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 2-3-11

Did I hear right, this morning, Noel Franz while walking in grabbed the gavel from Alan to ring the bell to start the meeting and then Marv Doty gave the invocation. Mr. President you need to protect that gavel at all time.  (ask Gary Mahone)

Raffle:  A payment was made to Marv Doty ($7.50) for last week, then this weeks winner is Gene Grosse ($8.00). Did anyone else notice these two winners sit next to each other each week.  Do you think some payoff has been paid??HMM.

Secret greeter: Marv Thompson is too friendly and caught nobody greeting him, or did he greet everyone.  Marv better luck next time, we need the money.

Announcements:  Marv Thompson (Dean Mitchell) all letters have been sent to schools and Local papers.  Barry Baxter (essays) has three letters returned so far from applicants. Joe Coss announced he has had contact with the person from SMART with an interest of joining our club, great Joe.  Alan has sent pictures of the wood piles we have to stack and sell from the Jenkins Estate, work party coming soon. Noel Franz has a new E mail address now that his old one is in the hands of others.

Speaker:  This morning Arnie Leppert from the Faith Café reviewed what is the Faith Café. The Faith Café is a partnership of faith communities who, in love and justice, are dedicated to serving our neighbors in Washington County who are hungry for food and advocating for long-term social changes that reduce poverty and hunger. The Faith café serves free meals each Sunday evening at 6 P.M. to anyone who comes in at Beaverton first united Methodist church .  All this by volunteers from eight local churches, and each week serve more than 100 meals. In addition to meals they give out groceries and some clothing when they have it. Arnie being a past Optimist knows what it is like to serve the youth and the community.  Come back soon Arnie, join us!!

Next Week Speaker, Surprise!!!............Until Then