Saturday, April 23, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 4-21-11

This weeks meeting was moved to an evening event for members, spouses, and guests starting at 6:30 P.M.

Prior to the start, a silent auction was held with proceeds going to our administration account. This was organized by our members Joan Andersen Wells and Susan Nordstrom. Thanks to these two ladies the evening was a enormous success and a great time was had by all who attended. It would be my hope our club would have more of this type meeting to invite additional guests which could lead to prospective new members.

Our meeting started with the ring of the bell, flag salute, and invocation at 7 P.M. during that time we were served dinner. Wally challenged us with “this day in history” which was the beginning of Tiananmen Square in China in 1989. We also heard a tragic story about the death of a prize parrot who died from eating rotten horse meat. The meeting was held at the Peppermill Restaurant (our usual meeting room) after announcements and introduction of our visiting Lt. Governor Monty Akers, our evening speaker Margaret Armstrong was introduced by Joan Andersen Wells.

Margaret Armstrong volunteers at Tualatin Hills Nature Park and oversees the native plant sales held twice a year. Margaret showed and explained several native plants to our area and how to grow them in your gardens. Thank you Margaret for very informative talk you can join us anytime as a speaker or a member.

If you missed this meeting, go to our web site for some pictures of the evening. (I'm sorry Monty I guess you got left out.) Great meeting, Great Food, and Great Time. Our meeting next week 4-28-11 will start at 7:00a.m. and feature Randy Kinnison from the Homebuilders Assoc. as our speaker. Until then!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 4-7-2011

This weeks meeting started to a small but active crowd and a Doty invocation.
Traveling Optimists: Michael Stack returns from southern states (sorry Michael for your loss). When the snow leaves the passes, Jack Franklin is leaving for a trip of several weeks. Alan Z knows where or when?
Bob Arneson in Scout uniform presented our club with our scout troop’s charter for this year with a thank you for our support through the years. In addition, Bob presented our club with a $600.00 check for Marv Doty’s help with this year’s tree collection funding program. Thanks Bob and the Scouts for the donation to our club.
Raffle: today’s winner was non-other than Bob Arneson ($6.50), not this Bob oh well. The best part was, Alan missed paying himself for last week, so within the ops. he forfeits!!!
Dinner Meeting and auction: April 21st  meeting will be an evening meeting with a silent auction. The meeting will be held at the Peppermill Restaurant starting at 6:00 p.m.  Remember no morning meeting on that day. A sign-up sheet will be at the 14th morning breakfast.
Board Meeting: Club board meeting starts 6:30 p.m. Monday 4-11-11 at Resource Center on Hall Street. All members are invited to attend.
OI Internet Safety Awareness Month: The month of April is internet safety awareness month and Alan showed some films from OI cautioning children in grades one through four – of dangers they should be aware of. They should not give out information to anyone unknown and be aware of the dangers of chat rooms and to tell their parents if they feel threatened. Dave Chrisman shared a story of his nephew’s fatal accident a few years ago, and alert parents to be watching out for low windows that kids can fall out of.
Essay contest Winners: Did you see the District Web Page last week picturing our winners?
Today’s Fines: ?? As the meeting progressed fines were being addressed but not collected - but were collected after some reminders. No call on secret greeter, no birthdays.  This was a loose meeting but a fun one optimist style. You should have been there!!!!
Next Meeting Thursday 4-14-11  7:00 a.m………….Until Then 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 3-31-11

The meeting started by the ring of the bell, Marv Doty flag salute, and Wally gave the invocation and this day in history 1776(??) Today we had a full house with club members and the winners (with their families) of this year’s Essay Contest. More later!
Today’s raffle was won by none other than our president Alan ($8.00)  having both tickets in hand.  Did anyone see if he read the wrong ticket to win?  We will be watching closer next time.  Alan then gave our guests a brief overview of Optimist in general and the programs our club is involved with each year.  In addition Bob Arneson gave a review of our Boy Scout troop, which we have sponsored for many years. The troop started small and has grown through the years.  Today they have 40 young men and still growing.
The meeting was then turned over to our Essay Chairman Barry Baxter, who introduced the three winners for this year.  The winner of third place was Christopher Malinosky, attending the School ofScience and Technology.  Christopher’s $50.00 prize will go to the Drama Club at his school.  The second place winner was Natalie Ceciliani who attends Central Catholic School.  Natalie’s $75.00 prize will be presented to the student council at her school.  Our first place winner was Jacqi Hansen who attendsWestgate Christian School.   Jacqi’s $100.00 prize is going to purchase more books at the school library. Jacqi then read her essay, titled “How My Education is the Key to a Successful Future”.   Each of the winners received a certificate and a medalion.
This day in history (1776), President John Adams wife Abigail asked the question, “Is it not time for the women to be able to vote?”  It took another 150 years before the 19th amendment was passed giving the women this right. (???)
The meeting was closed as always with the Optimist Creed.  See you all next week and it is good to be back!
                                                Until then!