Saturday, May 28, 2011

Playground project at John Marty Park

Members of our club spent Saturday, May 21, assembling the playground at John Marty Park along with the Tualatin Park and Recreation Department. See more photos by clicking on this link.

Friday, May 27, 2011

OPTI-BEA-BULL 5-26-2011

Jeannie Moton was able to join us this morning and introduced Parker Ryan and his mother Jaylin. We are sponsoring Parker’s participation in the Optimist Junior Tournament at Meriwether National Golf Club on June 12th. Our Hillsboro Club is hosting this Pacific NW District Tournament and Parker who is a sophomore will be competing in the 16-18 age division. Jeannie helps runs the golf tournament for Portland Community College. Perhaps she can offer some tips to Marvin Thompson and Bob Primrose who will be running our October tournament to raise money for our Dean Mitchell Scholarship Program. Graduating High Schoolers going into the fields of public safety with the police, fire, emergency technician or call center are eligible to submit entries.
Bruce Buffington invited Paul J. Malopolski who manages the Sunset Golf Center to join us for breakfast. Paul hopes to entice Aloha High woodshop students in constructing small structures on his mini golf course. Parker takes wood shop so this may be a happy meeting. Paul has also offered to allow PAL children to come on a field trip and play for free if I heard correctly. This makes Bruce happy as he has been involved with PAL since they formed in Beaverton.
Marvin Doty in his capacity as American Legion Commander briefed us as to the plans for Memorial Day and the participation of our Scouts in painting a cannon in the Park. He also sent a signup sheet around so we can get enough volunteers to man the Community Booth in Saturday’s Farmers Market. He led us in the pledge to the flag to start the meeting and Wally led us in the invocation. Today’s speaker was sick so Wally stepped up and showed us how the Club’s new blog works. He even explained what a blog is and the difference between a blog and our web site which is rather static. I think he was showing pity to me who spent hours trying to figure out how a blog works. If you want to share information with the rest of the Club, post it on the blog and an email will go out to all our members who have joined. Please, please send questions to Wally!
Next week’s speaker will be a Ranger to talk to us about Stub Stewart State Park and the Trail from Banks to Vernonia. Tony showed up again to collect his winnings for the second week in a row. We have planned a preemptive strike to visit Hillsboro Club’s meeting next Tuesday to recover our stolen gavel and perhaps take over their meeting. Plan to join us at 7 AM in the Hillsboro Senior Center. Turn in to Schute Park by the Swim Center. Thank goodness Marv Thompson won today’s $14 raffle so Tony can’t harass us and attempt to demand a kidnap ransom for our imprisoned gavel.
Remember that we are scheduled to help install a playground Saturday June 4th. 
Our Governor has announced the formation of a new club in Kirkland, Washington

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Meeting started on time with the flag salute and invocation by Wally followed by this day in history 1864. No one here this morning was there or could remember the event. We signed a get well card to Barry to recover from his operation. (Thanks Susan) In a turn about, we need to get her a get well card as she had laser surgery today to repair a retina which was detaching.
Jordan Strahl was introduced by Bob Arneson, our Scout Liason, to make a request for help on his Eagle Scout project. Jordan is working with the Beaverton Police dog handlers to build a dog ‘A’ frame training ramp, training fence and dog house raised platforms. Jordan is a life scout from our Troop 870 in Beaverton. Estimated cost of this project is $1250.72. Our Board will take up this request at next month’s meeting.
Birthday Bob Arneson said he would sing to us and we paid, not bad for someone 64!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last week when the Hillsboro club visited, our President is now missing a gavel, will he ever learn those farmers from Hillsboro can never be trusted and then Tony Montes returned to receive last weeks raffle he won. (maybe he took the gavel? ) And then this weeks winner was again Tony Montes    ($7.50 this time), that’s it Tony, go back to farm-town.
Today’s auction by Wally Johnston was won by Scott Thompson ($10.00) a bag of police items, pins and a get out of jail card signed by Wally. Hope it works Scott!!!
Street Clean-up Gene Grosse reported no one under the age of 12 can help and anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 must sign a release.
Today’s Speaker Michael Stack:  Michael presented a power point presentation of his trip last September to the northwest corner of Africa where they visited Morocco and cities in that area. Their tour visited market places, shopped for rugs, brought back leather goods and met some interesting people. He took pictures of mosques, old ruins of ancient cities, comparison shots of donkeys and modern tractors, and raising chickens on roof tops. Drinking mint tea is common to the area and you must accept the offer or offend their sense of hospitality. Thanks Michael, it looked like a nice trip and thanks for the great talk.
Next week on the 26th, Scott has a fishing enthusiast as speaker so don’t miss it ????? See you all on June 2nd
Until Then    

Monday, May 16, 2011


Today we opened with the flag salute by Marv and invocation by Wally and his Chicago Cub’s day in 1970. (Something about 500 home runs?) What an opening, we were visited by five members of the Hillsboro club (an official visitation). Our Pres. did take precautions by having our bell and gavel guarded by Gene Grosse from the honored guests. (It ultimately didn’t work and they stole our gavel anyway!)
Announcements: Bruce Buffington announced two upcoming bike safety fairs 5/14 and 5/21 at local schools. Dave Chrisman announced our partnership in the assembly of park equipment Saturday 5/14 at the John Marty Park starting at 8 a.m. until finished. In retrospect, we only had two Optimists show along with lots of neighbors from the area. Not a good showing for Optimists.  Sorry Dave.   Oregon City club is holding a Pioneer Family Fun Days May 20-22 at Clackamette Park, see:  .
Today’s raffle:  After leaving our club as a member and going to Hillsboro Club, Tony Montes won this morning’s raffle.  One good thing, he bought five raffle tickets for all Hillsboro visitors. Tony said he will return to collect his $10.00 prize.
Speaker: Scott Thompson introduced his good friend, Greg Pressler, as this morning’s speaker. Greg gave us all a lesson in endurance sports and his way of living the moment.  For those who missed this ½ hour talk, you missed a great one for sure. Greg started his running with triathalon races where you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles, first in Canada and then in Hawaii five weeks later. Then he said that was not enough, maybe a 500 mile bike ride or a run to Seattle with a pack on your back (180 miles in four days). Next it was 100 miles in Colorado at above the 10,000 ft elevation. In 2005 he did the Warm Springs 100 mile bike and run then on to Morocco for the extreme test where you run in high temperatures in the Sahara Desert with a pack full of the provisions you need. And now his latest 2007 run was in Death Valley 135 miles again with a pack. Greg is a motivational speaker and writer in Portland and believes in living the moment. Thanks Scott and Greg for a great talk.
Last weeks board meeting reviewed the need for next year’s slate of officers.  All interested in serving on the board, President, President-elect, contact Alan with your thoughts. We are in need of this in the next two weeks.
Until then!                

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opti-B-Bull May 5, 2011

Our meeting (breakfast) opened with the flag salute (Dave Chrisman) and invocation by Wally with this day in history 1945 in Oregon. Remember when you miss our weekly breakfast for the latest club news, you can read it on our web site (

Today’s raffle’s winner (Michael Stack) let’s see ½ of $13 is $8 right Michael?? +++

Coming Events: Dave Chrisman announced the following dates: Saturday May 14th is a work party to assemble more playground equipment at John Mart Park starting at 9 a.m. until around 2pm. Next: May 25 (Wednesday) there will be a work party to move the wood at the Jenkins Estate all available call Dave or Alan for the time. Park district employees will be helping with this work.

It is this time of the year for our club to select the new leaders for next year and submit this to O.I., please if interested to be our president for a year or be a board member, contact Alan before he puts you on the train track (wooo wooo) Get it railroad!

This Day in History: During World War Two, on May 5th, 1945, six Oregon residents were killed by a Japanese balloon with a bomb attached in area of Lakeview Oregon. These were the only persons to be killed in the U.S. during that war. To see more on this meet me at breakfast next week.

Today’s Speaker?? (announcements) What was it??? Last Saturday we paid for our president to attend the District meeting in Salem (late) to bring back the latest happenings in the district. This was the meeting for the Oratorical Contest (Alan missed late again) and review what other clubs are doing for their communities young people and money raisers. As indicated, most clubs like ours are in need for new members along with maintaining present memberships. Alan would like to start a youth club within our area which could help get the word out about what we do and support in our area.

Next Week Speaker: Scott Thompson will introduce Greg Pressler who is a marathon runner and bike rider. This would be one not to miss, because Greg bikes for 500 miles at a time and runs to Seattle (180 miles) , let’s fill up the room.

Board Meeting: Next Monday May 9th at the resource center starting at 6:30 the board will meet to discus club business. If interested in being a board member, join us to see what goes on.
Until Then!                                                                                              

Monday, May 2, 2011

Opti-B-Bull 4-28-11

Our meeting started on time with the flag salute by Marvin and invocation by Wally, with this day in history 1965 (remember)
What’s in a name? I would like to know who would remember which of our members named the OPTI-B-BULL we use as our weekly bulletin. For the first one at our next breakfast to give me the name I will buy breakfast for that person.
This day in history April 28, 1965, in an effort to forestall what he claimed would be a communist dictatorship in the Dominican Republic, President L.B. Johnson sent in more than 22,000 U.S. troops to restore order on the Hispaniola Island Nation. I will have the rest of the story at breakfast next week, be there. Wally’s son is on his way there as a missionary.
Wally’s new book will be out in June and if you buy one, Wally will sign it if you bring it to breakfast. (no charge I think?)
Our Pacific NW Optimist District Meeting will be held this week-end in Salem featuring the Oratorical finals and the election of Lt. Governors for next year. Contact Alan for information.  NW Bicycle Safety Council is holding a Bike Safety Fair at Cedar Hills Crossing this Saturday from 10-12.  Susan & Rudi won’t be able to help fit helmets this time but Bruce will need some volunteers to help out. Joyce Mijo, (Frances’ wife) also isn’t up to helping out, but she is doing better after her heart attack. She has some blockages which need to be repaired.  Marv D reports that our Scouts from troop 870 are refurbishing the Howitzer in the Beaverton Veterans Memorial Park with paint and authentic WWI tires. Marv D also reports that his wife Elva is starting to eat and drink a little again and he and the children hope to locate a foster home to help manage her alzheimers. Park District has requested the wood at the Jenkins Estate be moved and stacked behind the hedge area on the gravel. Possible help could come from our Scouts Troop.
Wally volunteered to advertise the wood on Craig’s list. Perhaps we can get it all sold before we have to move it? Wally is also helping to locate a church where we can hold a June Rummage Sale.
This morning speaker was Dr. Randall Kinnison introduced by Wally Johnston a long time friend. Dr. Kinnison works within Genesis Mediation, LLC as fund raiser on rebuilding projects for homeless housing. He also counsels in divorce and family business, and estate / elder care. All housing is intended to be short term as they help with employment and housing as needed.
Speaker chairman for May is Scott Thompson, and for June Joan Andersen-Wells. Scott has located a man who delights in running and biking in Death Valley and in the Sahara too for that matter.
Last week’s evening meeting made $175.00 from the auction thanks again Susan and Joan. Next outing a one day garage sale if we can find a place.  Until then!

Learning about housing the homeless

President Alan is shown here with Dr. Randy Kinnison with Genesis Mediation, LLC and Homebuilders Association.  Dr. Kinnison visited the Beaverton Optimists and discussed helping to recondition or build housing for homeless.