Friday, July 22, 2011


Meeting this morning opened with ringing of sleigh bells which has replaced our missing club’s bell that the Hillsboro club lifted right in front of our president last week. Sorry Alan, your sleigh bells will not replace the real thing, so you best bite the bullet and go get our club’s bell. If you need help let us know when to be ready.
Flag Salute, and Invocation by Gary Mahone, followed by this day in 1861. Having no one living at that time from our club, here is the story. July 21, 1861 was the battle of Bull Run during the start of the civil war. This being a major defeat of the north and both sided lost more than 5000 men during this battle between the states. For more of the story see me at next week’s breakfast.
Road Clean-up: Next Saturday 7-23-11 meet at the east end of the parking lot at Beaverton K-mart 8:00 a.m. See you there, it’s fun to work with your fellow Optimists.
Pacific Northwest O I Convention: August 25 to 27 at Bellevue Washington is our district’s annual convention. This should be a good event and O I president Danny Rodgers President-elect Jack Creswell will be in attendance. The august convention is a family O I get together and training sessions for new officers. The old timer’s breakfast is a must attend.
Raffle: Marv Thompson was paid (less hold-back) And this mornings winner dancing on his chair was Joe Coss. Joe will get $6.00 (with hold-back) next week if he shows. I wonder what our president will do with all the hold-back $’s when he leaves office?
Birthday: This morning Steve Crowthers sang to us for quarters for his birthday, Sorry Steve you missed out on the cake last week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE
Auction: Items from Marv and Jack, two items from Minnesota, wild rice and mesquito eggs, and one from South Dakota, a rock. The bid went to Alan for $6.00, Great buy!!
Speaker: Jack Franklin after returning from a several state’s trip though the U.S. Jack talked about his day at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments. We were shown a video of the making of the faces on Mount Rushmore and the time it covered. Jack said this was a mini review of his trip with more to come at a later date. Thanks Jack
Don’t forget the road clean-up this Saturday

Until Then!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


After a short out of town in the Saragossa, This Bea-Bull will cover 7-7 & 7-14 weeks.
Both meetings opened as usual with the flag, invocation, and this day in history.
This day in history 1912, Clue- who was WA-HO-THUCK ? ( Answer) Jim Thorpe wins the Pentathlon in Sweden. Thorpe attended Pennsylvania’s Carlisle Indian School and was the greatest all around athlete in the world of that time.
Raffle: Paid Michael (did he? ) Next week Gene Grosse ($8.00 less $ Alan’s hold back) Hope for the best Gene!!
Birthday’s: A combined celebration of birthdays coming up will be held next week with cake, balloons, and favors all presented by Alan.
Speaker: Dan Murphy, General Manager of the Broadway Rose Theatre Group. This group has been active for 20years in the Tigard/ Beaverton area using both out of town and local talent in their plays. Dan was a great speaker and thanks Meredith for a fine program.
This day in history 1974- Carl Spaatz dies. “I’m sorry,” Comment I heard in back of the room. Carl Spaatz died at the age of 83 on the this day 1974, General Spaatz was a world war one and two fighter pilot and the first Chief of Staff of an independent U.S. Air Force. He also directed the bombing drops on Hiroshima, Japan. Carl retired in 1948.
Birthdays: With cup cakes for all and for Susan, Tony, Barry, and Gary a lighted candle on top with sprinkles. After all present put into the pot, we were given their version of Happy Birthday with Gary on the jew’s harp. If you missed this month, wait for next month. Alan may show with more cake, but it will be stale.
Visitors: Again we were joined by some members from the Hillsboro club. (one that likes to steal)  Yes, again we have lost something, our Bell. I believe there is an unwritten Optimist law, that the club’s bell or banner are off limits. I’m sure the club from Hillsboro has known of this law as we will be reporting this to O I.  I trust our president knows what fines he has coming for not protecting his jewels of the office he holds. All of this after we returned the Hillsboro reconditioned gavel this morning.
Raffle: Paid this morning Gene Grosse?? Winner Marv Thompson $$?? Sorry, Marv it’s a guess how much you will get when you show up next week (only Al knows)
Do you plan to attend the District Convention in Bellevue, WA August 25-27? See Alan
Road Clean-up- July23rd Saturday morning 8:30 a.m. meet at the K-Mart parking lot on Murray Blvd., this usually takes about two hours, see you there.
Great to see Vern Williams back with us at breakfast. WELCOME BACK VERN!
Speaker: Tony Montes master recycler, Optimist. Tony reviewed all the many items that may now be recycled each week within the curb cans. Also Tony reviewed items that should go to Metro sites for disposal. Each year more items are added to the recycle list as the equipment is upgraded. Recycling does work and it saves money, Thanks Tony for bringing this to us.
Sometimes when you don’t get the whole story from the Bea-Bull it’s best to join us for breakfast and the great speakers we are having each week. Soon we plan another evening meeting for those who can’t make the mornings.
Until Then  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Photos from our latest meeting

 Dan Murphy Gen. Mgr. Broadway Rose Theater in Tigard, OR and Speaker Chair Meredith Weber

Saturday, July 2, 2011

OPTI-BEA-BULL June 30, 2011

Opening:  Flag Salute and invocation started this morning’s meeting,  followed by this day in history 1953. Are you old enough to know that wonderful year?  Yes I am!
Visitors:  This morning we had a full house and several visitors. First Joan Andersen- Wells introduced our morning speaker and her sister-in-law and brother Lorri and Dan Andersen.  Next Wally Johnston introduced his son and daughter -in-law Eric and Kisha Johnston.  Then Marv Doty introduced his son- in-law Bud Mullins who is moving to our area. (Don’t get any ideas. Marv has his application in his pocket.) Then lastly, Steve McKenzie,  with three members of the Hillsboro club, made a visitation to return the gavel they stole and to get back the gavel they say we stole at our last visitation. They  requested money but none was given.  However, we still have one of their gavels which could bring a high reward.
Wally’s World: Wally Johnston thanked all that attended his book introduction on June 24th and presented Cheri, our waitress, with a free copy of his book. Wally also gave our club $50.00. Wally is donating $1.00 for each book sold to our club. Call Wally if you would like a book.  He will also be at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on July 30th for more sales and signing.  Thanks Wally.
Raffle:  Today’s winner is Michael Stack - $8.50 - unless Alan keeps his 30% withholding.
History Time: This day in 1953 the first production of the Corvette by General  Motors was introduced. In its first year only 300 were built and they were all white in color and the body was made from fiberglass.
Beaverton Farmers Market:   Troop 870 will be working on July 2.  Please stop by to say “hi” and buy.
Fund raiser: The Hillsboro club has invited our club to help on July 17th on a traffic monitor job in downtown Portland Start time is 7:30 a.m. and each member will receive $20.00 for his club. Contact Alan if you can work this day for a few hours. They need 25 workers total.
Speaker:  Lorri Andersen presented an overview of the life in the Nairobi slums of Kenya Africa. On a visit there and meeting a Dr. Hillary, his family, and hearing how they lived and was raised in the slums.  Lorri and Dan are dedicated to do what they can do to help Dr. Hillary’s lifelong project to educate and better the life of the people there.  If you would like to help in this outreach contact Lorri or Joan.
July Speakers: Chairperson is Meredith Weber and she has arranged on July 7th for the General Manager of the Broadway Rose Theater Company of Tigard, Dan Murphy. Then on July 14th (if available) Joey Harrington will speak.  Joey is a past U.of O. quarterback and Pro- football player.
Until then!