Thursday, September 15, 2011


WOW ! what a great day for a meeting! After the bell rang and Dave Bishop our speaker gave his breakfast order, Marv Doty gave the flag salute and invocation. We did have a nice group this morning to share the morning and listen to Dave as our speaker (more later)
Guests this morning were Sunny Kwon and Sara Ah invited by Joan Andersen wells. Jim Macfarlane, Dave Bishop (speaker) past Beaverton Police, and Jocelyn Taylor of Pal, invited by Bruce Buffington this month’s speaker chairman. Welcome to all and please join us again soon.
Without our Sheriff on hand our pres. had no daily raffle or pin and badge check this morning. However to recoup our losses we sang happy birthday to Joan Andersen wells who emptied her piggy bank with loose change. Not what a raffle would bring Mr. President but not a total loss.
“This day in history” 1810 and 1974, In 1810 the Pacific Fur Company 1st ship lands in Astoria Oregon to begin fur trading with Jacob Astor. (Actually Jacob’s ship left New York on this day and 6 months later arrived at the mouth of the Columbia River where Jacob established his fur trading Post. The idea of the business came from Lewis and Clark where they pointed out we could ship the furs to China cheaper than sending them back to Europe. The city of Astoria was captured by the British during the 1812 war.) In 1974 President Ford gave Richard Nixon his pardon. I’m sure the re-write will give you the rest of the story.
This Saturday 9-10 our club will man the food booth for the Candle Lighters (kids with cancer) Marv Doty will chair.
Speaker, Bruce Buffington introduced retired Chief of Police from Beaverton Dave Bishop. Dave started by saying that now he is open to answer all questions being he is now out of city politics. Then Dave explained how he has kept busy in speaking engagements within law enforcements and other local boards he is involved with. Dave through the years has always been featured speaker at our club, as he remarked we were the first club he spoke with when coming to Beaverton and the last club prior to retirement. Thanks Dave, come back anytime and good luck in your retirement.
Next week speaker     Sept. 15th Martha DeBry City Manager of North Plains
                                    Sept. 22nd Jim Hough City Manager of Banks
                                    Sept. 29th Allison George of Washington County Visitors Assoc.
Thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts each week this year and good luck to Dave Chrisman,  I will be down around the “Sara Gossa” for a couple weeks.
Until Then!      

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The bell rang then the flag salute and invocation by Marv Doty we were on our way to a great meeting. Then came several this day’s in history 1969,1039,1998,1983 and 1928. 1939 the Germans invaded Poland to start the second world war and 1998 airbags were made mandatory. Alan lets stick with one date even if you give me your list.
Happy Anniversary: To Noel and Eva 8-30 and Jim and Sharon 9-1, Daniel and Pamela 8-28, and Bruce and Lori 8-29.
Happy Birthday: Joan Andersen Wells 9-31 
Guest: This morning our guest was Clancy Kilburn the V.P. at the U S Bank in Beaverton. Clancy was invited by Marv Thompson and is waiting for the bank’s decision about sponsoring his membership in our club.
Raffle: After a pay out to last weeks winner which  was donated to D Mitchell, this weeks winner was Alan. Raffle amount I believe was $3.00 so Alan gets $1.00 if my math is right. (Editor's Note...his math is sooo wrong!)
Welcome back Dick Schouten (busy man) and on his bike.
District Meeting: Alan and Bob Arneson are back from the Seattle meeting where Hillsboro member Bill French was sworn in as District Governor.
No Speaker this morning but the following speakers are coming up.
Sept. 8th           Dave Bishop Retired Beaverton police Chief
Sept. 15th         Martha DeBry City Manager of North Plains
Sept. 22nd         Jim Hough city Manager of Banks
Sept.29th          Allison George of the Washington county Visitors Assoc.
Until then!!