Thursday, December 29, 2011

Opti-Bea-Bull 12-29-11

Small group this morning with only one member willing to flaunt his Christmas present of three granddaughters dressed as gnomes presented on a canvas suitable for hanging in his living room. Our old friend Patsy didn't have to work so she joined us for breakfast and we discussed karaoke. Deputy Police Chief Terry Merrit joined us as Jack's guest and got to pick the raffle ticket. Pres. Bob won and Jack turned over last week's winnings to Marv T. for our Dean Mitchell Scholarship fund. Susan brought a sympathy card in as Will Moton's mother passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. Noel didn't make it so the chorus was disbanded with no birthday celebration.

Pres. Bob reminded us that the Board Meeting will be on the 9th next year so don't show up on the first Monday. Wally has arranged a booth for the Optimists to celebrate Aloha's 100th birthday on the 8th which is a Sunday from 2-5 PM. It is across the street at Mt. View Middle School. We hope to have representatives from some of the organizations we support such as the PAL Club and the Start Making a Reader Today besides us. Bob also reminded us that our Scout Troop 870 will begin picking up Christmas Trees this weekend. Marv D. has arranged for the trucks to transport them to recycle and hopefully Tualatin Hills Park District is on board as the drop off site. Our Scouts raised around $14,000 last year which paid for their Summer Camp registrations, monthly Scout outings and Scout equipment. Call Sherry Peetz at 503-642-1714 to arrange pickup for your tree or your neighbor's.

We met at the PAL Club last week to help them hold a proper Christmas Party and were able to help them with leftover cookies and punch. It gives a person a warm feeling to be helpful like that. In fact Pres. Bob announced that we should gather up all the pictures and put together one of those Community Project reports to give to the Pacific NW District and show them how helpful we are. A Secretary's job is never done. Bob did present a check to PAL from money we raised from firewood sales.

Last week Jack brought another guest, Dave Hall, who use to be one of our members and is moving back to Beaverton, I think. Jack won the raffle which was probably his reward for being so diligent in inviting folks. We didn't have a speaker so shared our Christmas plans. Marv D got an A on his annual exam and is good for another ten years which is comforting to a guy in his eighties. Barry also passed his exam. Susan is involved in her procedure for MS but is shaking our hands with her glove. They don't exchange presents but she got a new brace for her leg which seems to be working OK. Wally is planing to visit his son, the missionary, in the Dominican Republic and leaves on the 27th. Scott took his family to Mexico and explored Puerto Vallarta. This week they are up at their cabin on Mt. Hood to ski if it ever stops raining. Bob shopped for clothes for a son and now has to return a gift card because the son may move as his office is relocating to Washington and he needs to make repairs to his house instead. I think Steve got clothes for his son too. And Jack made some sort of foolish exchange with his wife and now will be doing dishes for a year!

We did get a picture of Pres. Bob giving his presentation in his new Scout uniform on our Dec. 15th meeting. He was requesting Club support on starting a Scout Venturing Program which is for older kids from 14 to 20. The kids themselves have to decide what activities they want to do. The group can be coed as long as a female adult will volunteer. We encouraged Bob to try to get a group together. He already has some Scouts interested so it may be easier to form than a JOOI Club.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Beaverton Optimist Club Thursday, December 1st, 2011 (whoa!)

Alan Z rang the bell, in place of Bob A., (Thank You Alan !)...... Marv  lead us in the pledge and Wally followed with the invocation, and................................"This Day in History, 1958 & 1990/96"....??  (What the??)

Barry arrived a tad late, but soon enough to collect his prior week raffle winnings.....!

Joe was fashionably late, but made the rounds and avoided a!

Dave C won this weeks raffle........yes !!!

Jack told a blond Joke........ Great intro, great drama, great enthusiasm.......................weak ending.......!

Wally auctioned off a marvelous "day planner"..... Marv D won the bid and is now planning Marvelous days ahead......cause he's an optimist.............!!

We took a moment to inquire about Vern & Pat Williams........  Sounds like Vern is doing well but Pat may be going thru some difficulties....... We are thinking about you guys and will keep ya in our prayers.....  :)

Joe C distributed some valuable Nike coupons redeemable for 30% discounts this weekend only.....!!   You should have been there..........!!    Thank You Joe & Debra !!!

Important Reminders:

1.  Bob P's birthday this week..... (Bring expensive gifts next week)
2.  Alan Z's birthday this week....( Bring more expensive gifts next week)
3. Birthday celebrations scheduled next week, Thurs PM.....( could be the highlight of the yr.....according to Bob & Alan)........again, they are requesting nice, expensive gifts  please ,........

4. Beaverton Optimist Board Meeting, Monday Dec 5th, 6:30PM....PAL Club......(Bring enthusiasm & support)
5. No Breakfast meeting next Thursday, Dec 8th...... (Don't bring nuttin)
6. Optimist Christmas Party, Thursday, Dec 8th, 6:30 PM, Peppermill....( bring gift to exchange and lots of smiles) Bob P if you have not signed up...order off the menu or choose, fettuccini, sirloin or ham... no ketchup.....

Morning Entertainment-  Allen put together a bevy of power point photos, featuring past projects and memories.......  Was pretty cool to reflect on recent events/accomplishments that turned out to be a lot of fun and were very supportive of the community.....  Awesome.......!!

This day in History.......1990- English Chunnel opens
                                  1958...Rosa Parks makes history...
                                  1996...No body knows and Wally cannot explain !#!$%! (should a been there ! )

Have a great Week.....!