Thursday, October 11, 2012

Optimist Club Bulletin for October 11, 2012

Brought to you by Susan Nordstrom

Wally was talking to Alan about setting up a Facebook page, when I came into the conversation. Because I have a lot of experience with Facebook I have been chosen to set up a page, so I will work on that later this morning.

Alan and Bob A. went to the Court of Honor ceremony on Monday. 26 awards were given and 109 Merit Badges were given. Our club received the official Charter, though the amount of years our club has been charting Troop 870 seems to be a bit in question. Jack remembers it to be since 1968 Vern’s memory is similar. The Charter states it has been 43 years.

Bob A. said that in the 2nd or 3rd Monday in December that the boy scouts are having Holiday Hoop Lah and that he volunteered the optimist club to help with that. So let’s all plan to show up and help out. Bob will get us the official date shortly,.

Steve was busy reading the pamphlet for the Boy Scout Court of Honor and he ran into a term he’d never heard of, which was Geo Caching. I have heard of it because my brother and sister in law geo-cache all the time. Poor Steve seemed to be the only one in the club out of the loop, but the other members informed him of what it was, and Barry quoted how many are around worldwide. I mentioned there are special trips you can take just to geo-cache. So the statement that you never stop learning, came to play this morning. We have done several screen shots for my brother and sister in law, seems like it could be quite fun.

I asked Jack to talk about his Bridge Walk in Astoria, at which time Alan dramatically said oh no not again, Jack explained that last week. I merely mentioned I wasn’t here last week and wanted to know, so thankfully Jack was up to talking about it again, and Alan seemed to be ok after hearing about it again. So Jack and Carol did an excellent job. Carol made it half way before she was picked up by the sweeper bus, which carries those who can’t make it all the way back to the finish line. Jack walked the whole thing and as he crossed the finish line he and Carol got their pictures taken. So if you click on this link, and click on event pictures and type in Franklin, you’ll see all the photos of their walk.

Marv Thompson, due to him not coming to the club this week, forfeited his winnings from last week.

This week’s winner was Alan.

This day in history was 2008. A Belgium blind man set a new speed record in driving, that is all I know because I forgot to pick up the sheet as I walked out the door.

We were going to have a guest speaker today but she ended up with car trouble and couldn't make it. So instead Mark spoke to us about a non-profit that he is a board member and his son has received skills from, Imagine Possibilities. He spoke about his son who has down syndrome as well as Autism. His son has benefited from Imagine Possibilities. Mark is a past member of this club, he even brought his yellow vest. As jack pointed out that besides Mike that Vern may be the only other one with a yellow vest.

Wally has a speaker in 2 weeks, otherwise the calendar is open, so if you have a speaker let Wally know and he’ll add you to the calendar.

Have a great week everyone, see you next week!