Sunday, July 28, 2013

Notes from July 25

Good Morning everyone, 

First and foremost there will be a board meeting on Monday July 29, 2013 at the PAL Club at 6:30pm.  

On Saturday from 11-3pm Michael has invited us to his Thai Chi Center out on 22nd & Glisan.  Taoist is the name of the place I do believe he said.  Sorry Michael if I got the named spelled wrong.  

We didn't have a speaker today but we had a lot of announcements.  

Bob A. mentioned how well the presentation in the park went for our own Vern Williams and his late wife Pat.  He went to the Hillsboro Club this past Tuesday and thanked them for their help.  

Jack took the framed presentation piece over to Vern who was deeply appreciative of this and the whole event.  Was still in awe by it all.  

I gave an update on Rudy.  He had his annual echo-cardiogram scan for his aneurysm and it has grown to a level where his cardiologist wants him to have surgery within a years time. We have an appointment with a Cardio-Thoracic Valve Sparing Surgeon next Thursday to learn more and figure out when to do the procedure.  It was brought to our attention by a friend of mine that he may not be able to fly to Maui in October with said aneurysm and if that were the case Rudy would have the surgery done now.  If we can fly with it then he likely will wait to do the surgery until January or February next year.  I will give updates when I have them.

Eric S. is better.  There was an event last night up at the Jenkins Estate.  Celebrated $ 40K in grants if I heard that right for the arts.  Eric gave an update on the CPO6 meetings.  August 1, 2013 will be the Tualatin River Keepers.  Some news on the Scholls Ferry Road expansion and housing development.  Also mentioned that the Public Affairs Form will be held Mondays  at noon at the Peppermill.  If interested contact Eric.  

Eric O. is on vacation this week and so is Wally.  

NWBSC update via Bruce.  Just wrapped up the PAL Club Kids Camp.  Provided the Educational component as well as helmet fitting and skills rodeo course.  There were 50 kids on Tuesday and 52 on Wednesday.  Working on the August 24th Beaverton Banks and Beyond event.  If anyone is interested in volunteering you should contact me, Susan Nordstrom, and we'll put you in.  

Raffle winner last week was Jack he donated to Dean Mitchell.  This week it was Bruce and he is donating his winnings to the Candlighters.  

We celebrated Steve's birthday with a catchy tune he sang to us.  

THPRD International Celebration/Car show this weekend.  Same event we helped out at years ago just a different name.  Also happening this weekend is the Air Show in Hillsboro and the Washington County Fair.  

Bob A. put a plug in for Doug Hoy and the book gathering and transporting that will be the first Saturday of the month.  Meet at the library current location, load books up and move to their storage facility.  Bob was appealing to us to help out.  A pick up would be great but a car with a trunk, a bicycle, and even a skate board and backpack were mentioned as ways to move books.  

Dick is doing Cycle Oregon this year.  

And Michael gave an update on Barry saying he'd had a few set backs and issues with his shoulder and so he was going swimming in the mornings to try to help it out.  

Have a great rest of the week and we'll see you next Thursday.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Notes from July 18

Good morning everyone,

A small group this morning but as always we had good times. Marv gave our invocation as Wally was unable to make it this morning.

Alan, Jack, Marv and Bob A. showed up last Saturday to chop wood. There are 3 cords. 1 cord is sold already per Bob A.

Jack brought in a presentation to deliver to Vern in the coming days, see attached photo. As you all know last night Vern and his late wife were honored at Shiffler Park. I sent out photos last night of the plaque on the rock in Shiffler Park in honor of Vern and his late wife Pat. Though he was overwhelmed you could see the happiness in his eyes.

The wood used on the frame was from a spruce tree that fell in Vern's yard a few years ago and Jack picked
up. It's a very nice tribute to Vern and Pat for all their work in the community all these years.

Kudos to Jack and all those involved in making this happen, it was a truly a wonderful moment last night! And Jack said that Vern had no idea until Doug Meneke called him up to the mic.

And lastly a thanks to the Hillsboro Club for coming to the ceremony last night.

Bob is going to the Hillsboro club next week.

Birthday's this week: Last Sunday the 14th was my birthday. Barry's birthday was on Monday and Tony Montez was on Tuesday. I opted to let everyone sing to me. And the restaurant brought me a pancake with a candle in the middle of it, photo attached.

Dick Schouten was with us this morning and gave an update on what his daughters have been up too. One is in Hartford, CT and works at Hartford General Hospital. The other has been working in Jakarta with the Armed German Government. She will be attending Columbia University this fall.

Eric O. was with us this morning and he said 3 weeks ago he was sick, last week he slept in and then he was on vacation. He's back this week and then heading out on a different vacation next week, so he will miss our morning meeting.

Eric also said some upcoming events in the city are:
* A car seat clinic @ Kuni Cadillac this weekend.
* Flicks by the Fountain starts up in August.
* Shred Event August 10th at Tectronics. Food donations are suggested.
* August 6th National Night Out.

Raffle winner last week was Steve this week was Jack.

Marv D. gave an update on the new police building. They will be staying at City Hall as all city offices will be moving to the Coldwell Banker Building at the Round. The hope is to expand out the current building and have parking underground. The building needs seismic updating. There will be a bond issue coming out in 2014.

Doug Hoy was with us again, he reminded us of Aloha Days that is coming up on August 16-17th. They are still looking for volunteers to help pack books, move them etc. If your interested please contact Doug at:

Our speaker today was Hannah who is Jack and Carol's granddaughter. She was a teacher in Taiwan. She has also been to Thailand. She said the kids are very disciplined there and everything is very structured. Everyday they would eat lunch at noon for 30 minutes and then that was followed up by a 30 minute nap. On the weekend activities were centered around the school such as track meets.

Hannah's big news was she is getting married in August. Congratulations!

Have a great rest of the week and we'll see you next week. Don't forget to check out our website: