Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween minutes

Happy Halloween Fellow Optimists:

Doug Hoy reported that Jack, Alan and Wally helped move the annex to blockbuster yesterday. He really appreciated all the help.

Wally handed out goodies for everyone, thank you Wally.

Wally attended the District Meeting in Hood River last weekend. Wally said that he learned that we are ahead in the social media aspect of our club compared to many other clubs.

Next Wednesday is the Board Meeting at the PAL Club starting at 6:30pm.

Wally passed around a note pad asking for people to become program chairs in the next 3 months. If your interested in having speakers join us please contact Wally.

Birthday's. Let's see Steve mentioned that his granddaughter was having a birthday. Alan mentioned something about a great aunt having a 90 something birthday. In the club Marv D. and Vern are having birthdays. They opted to let the club sing to them, beings they paid plentifully we belted out a lovely tune.
Last week's raffle winner was Eric S. he gave his winnings to the Dean Mitchell Scholorship Fund. Thanks Eric. This weeks winner was, I never ever win and it's been like 100 years since I last one, Bob P.

Wally talked to Dalton, though he's unable to come to the meetings each Thursday he is still planning to stay involved in the club.

This day in history: Toyota established it's first US business. Alan and many others hadn't heard of the car that Toyota first started selling, the ToyoPet. Here is a link thanks to Wikipedia on the car: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyopet_Master

Wally asked folks to bring in something that they wanted to auction off. So here are the following results of the auction:
Optimist Goody Bag- Jack- $3.50
Maui bag from Susan- Scott- $ 4.50
Unknown Gift-Marv D.- $ 5.00
Police Hat- Bob A. $ 2.50
Reusable Bag with Goody's-Bob P. $ 5.00
Goody from Jack-Vern $ 5.00
Macadamian Nuts that Scott didn't eat- Wally- $ 5.00

Vern had a very short story to share with us regarding macadamian nuts. He said at one time he knew his father in law liked the nut and so Vern went to the store and figured he should try the nuts before giving them to his father in law. He went through about 5 jars before finally getting a bottle to his father in law.

Captain Eric Oathes explained to us a new program their department is working on with the Portland Police Department. Here is what he wrote me earlier today: 
We will be assisting the Portland Police in teaching Community Policing Concepts to the Bangladesh police. Officers will be teaching their police forces what community policing is, how to work with the community to solve problems, rather then doing the policing they currently do, which is heavy handed punishing policing.

This is a great opportunity for our officers to better understand what it means to be a minority in a community and to help them be more compassionate and understanding in the way we do our job.

Bob P. went to a free screening of the movie Last Vegas at Bridgeport Theater. Mentioned that it was a very good and very funny movie. He highly recommended it.

Marv T. bought a new RV that required several lessons on how to drive it. Mentioned it had a 100 gallon gas tank in it. The RV is 37 feet long. The thing has 4 TV's. Jack mentioned his only had 2.

Scouts update via Bob A. court of honor happened 2 weeks ago. And since the weather has been so wonderful they of course decided to set out this weekend while the weather is more typical Oregon weather.

See you all next week at the board meeting. Please check out our website at www.beavertonoptimist.webs.com

Until next week bring optimism to those around you.