Thursday, May 16, 2013

Notes from the meeting - May 16

Good Day Everyone, 

First off Marv D. had a stroke 3am Tuesday morning, his daughter called 911 and they got him to the hospital.  Amazing, Marv went home later that afternoon. He has weakness in his right arm/fingers and leg.  He can't drive for a week or so, is taking some rehab help.  Prognosis good.  Probably back to normal in 30 days.  His doctors were very impressed with his healing process.  We missed you today Marv!  

It is National Police Week.  With this please come and join local law enforcement tomorrow at the Hillsboro Civic Center at 11am,  to remember those officers that have been lost in Washington County.  Need more information contact Wally.  

Wally got a thank you card from the Business of the month, Cut Above Pawn, and a check from them for $ 50 for our club.  

I gave an update on the safety fairs.  This weekends safety fair at Vose has been cancelled due to lack of preparation by the school.

Speaking of this weekend our Road Cleanup is taking place.  Tom is leading the charge as Bob A. is going to be out of town.  Alan is picking up the stuff.  Landon from PAL Club has 8 youths who will be helping too.  Wally may have some church members who come to help as well.  

Marv Thompson gave us an update on his time in Las Vegas recently.  Scott told him he should tell us what absurd time he had to get up to go golfing.  His friend scheduled them to play golf at 6am, which meant that Marv had to be up and out by 3am.  He mentioned that there was a Mayweather (sp?) fight the night before and the crowd in the lobby was a bit rough.  

Bob A. will be out of town the next two weeks.  Wally has offered to be president during this time.  

Also the officers for next year are: 


Eric S. brought in applications for everyone to get a library card.  He's so efficient  he has the library cards with him.  He thanked us for getting the card and also thanked us for all our support.  

Speaking of Eric S. He won last week's raffle and gave his winnings to the Dean Mitchell Fund.  He also happened to win this weeks raffle as well.  

Bob A. sang to us for his birthday.  Great singing.  

This day in history- 1929 First Academy awards. 

Our speaker was Stacey Goodwin from SMART.  She told us what is happening at SMART these days and the fact that SMART celebrated 20 years last year.  They are a 98% privately funded company.   

Next week our speaker will be Ed Proloux from Love Inc. 

Have a great week, don't forget our website:

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