Sunday, October 13, 2013

Optimist Meeting Minutes - October 10

Good evening everyone.
On Thursday it was Tom Baxter's birthday. Happy Birthday Tom, we hope you had a wonderful day.

Hey Joe, everyone wants to know how you are doing?
We had a board meeting on Monday October 7, 2013. Wally made the suggestion that each board member head up a committee to help move our club forward. 

Wally will represent us at the Pacific NW District meeting in Hood River. 

Wally asked me, Susan, to share a little bit about the braces on my legs. I just got a new AFO, ankle/foot orthotic for my right leg. I have been wearing the one on my left leg for over 2 years now. I explained that these braces are worn because I have drop foot which happens when the lesions in the brain disrupt the signals from my peroneal nerve in the outside of my lower leg. Due to the damage of the mylein sheath in my brain, I no longer can lift my feet up and so I wear the braces that keep my foot/ankle at a 90 degree angle. If you have any other questions I'm happy to talk to you. I did mention I've had MS now for 12 years.

My hope is to run in a 5k last year and will be meeting with an individual in Seattle to see if i can make my dream a reality. Before developing MS I was an avid runner, it's the one thing I miss more then anything. I cannot run in braces I currently wear so the hope is the gentleman in Seattle could help me. Dave suggested I do the Jingle Bell 5K walk in December.

Alan was our secret greeter, he was also still very sick so he forgave me for not shaking his hand as I'm trying to stay well as we are leaving for Hawaii soon. And then he didn't shake Vern's hand because he didn't want to get him sick either. Both of us paid a fine anyways.

Arden Eby passed away. Jack left a message on OregonLive obituaries for his family. Wally did as well.
Eric S. has resigned form CPO6

Doug Hoy joined us today and mentioned that the library is now a year old. He invited our club to celebrate the libraries 1st year of operation. 

If you'd like to attend it is on October 20, 2013 from 2:30-5pm at the Blockbuster Video Store.
            Address: 17555 SW Farmington Rd. Aloha
There will be food, live music and special guests who will reflect on the past year from 3-4pm. 

Raffle winner last week: Steve
Raffle winner this week: Me-Susan

This day in history- Hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro reaches a dramatic climax.

See you all this coming week, have a good rest of your weekend. 

~ Susan

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