Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meeting notes March 28, 2013

We had a lovely breakfast this morning with a beautiful speaker.  Jocelyn Simpson, formally Jocelyn Taylor was here telling us about the PAL Club and all of the changes that are happening.  She also picked up a donation check from our club to the PAL Club

So the biggest change at PAL is, with great help from Police Chief Spalding and Mayor Denny Doyle, the PAL Club is going to be independent from the Portland PAL Club.  They have a new board of Directors, Bruce is on that board.  The PAL Club plans to be open over the Summer.  Currently there are about 50 kids coming daily for camp.  

The PAL Club is doing a couple fundraisers.  One is coming up on April 13, 2013 at the Jenkins Estate from 6-10pm.  It is $ 75 a person, will be buffet style dinner, they have 50 auction items, they will be having a raffle and a wine pull.  I have attached a PDF for information on the Luau.  If you know someone who would like to attend please pass the flier on to them.  

Jocelyn shared with us the kind of clubs at PAL Currently.  They have a Running Club, Homework Club, Hip Hop Dance twice a week.  And the biggest is the boxing team.  They have 2 national competitors this year.  One is a 15 year old female.  There are 82 members of the boxing team, the gym is open every night.  Jocelyn said their main focus is to get the kids into exercising as a way to deal with their stresses at home or in life in general.  

We as a club could consider sponsoring the kids in an activity.  Bruce is sponsoring the kids so they can go to Mini-golf. 

Bob A. thanked Bob P. for the updated roster.  I have attached this to this e-mail as well.  

Bob A. hasn't heard from Dave in regards to libability in splitting wood, he is working on that.  Bob A. hopes that we can start splitting come April.  

Jack picked up soundboard, he has all the supplies for bulletin boards.  Bob A. brought over a can of paint, however Jack discovered it was Enamel and wasn't sure if this would work.  Eric suggested we google what kind of paint to use.  Eric will look for a latex paint through Rebuilders Center connections.  

Scott's birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday Scott

Our Speaker next week is Cut Above Pawn Shop.  They will be bringing in a kit that tells how valuable gold is, so if you have ever been wondering how much your gold is worth bring it in.  

And this day in History is 1969, Dwight Eisenhower passed away.  

Don't forget the board meeting next Monday.  And for everyone else we'll see you next Thursday.  

Don't forget too check out our website if you have questions on what is going on in our club, Wally has done a fantastic job with it.

Also to keep up with the changes at PAL check them out on Facebook

Submitted by Susan Nordstrom

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meeting notes and so much more!

Good morning everyone, 

Just returned from a lovely meeting and thought I would write up the notes while they were still fresh in my head.  Hope for those that were unable to attend that you have a wonderful weekend.  

First off, Susan went and hung out with Vern a couple days ago.  For those of you who are new to the club.  Vern is an original member of this club, he joined back in 1967 when the club was formed.  He and his lovely wife were married 70 years before she passed away last year.  He had been in the hospital in January for a bleeding ulcer and had lost a lot of blood of which he didn't realize.  He lost a bit of his stamina and sure could use visitors from the Optimist Club.  It was a pleasure to sit with him and listen to his stories.   He tries to walk around the newly opened park as well as he still is working in his yard.  I offered to walk with him if he ever wanted to go. We may want to consider as a club offering to go over and help him out in his garden, that is his pride and joy and I think his stamina isn't there to do what he really wants to do. 

Also I sent out an e-mail last night, if you did not get it let me know.  It's in regards to the PAL Club Fundraiser for the Luau at Jenkins Estate on April 13th.  The e-mail has all the details.  Bruce posted it on his Facebook page and I sent it via e-mail, since I know not all my Optimist Club members do Facebook.  There is a $ 75.00 cost to get in, but it includes a full Luau dinner and beverage.  Plus it's for a great cause.  

Alan has an infection in his leg and is in a lot of pain.  He's taking some pills that aren't working and is calling his doctor again today.  Said he has cellulitis, and due to not being able to walk his dogs are no longer loyal to him.  In fact they are pretty upset that they haven't been going on their daily walks.  Tony informed Alan that if it doesn't get cleared up he will have to have his leg amputated.  

Last weeks raffle winner was Wally.  This weeks winner was Alan.    

Kathy Jungles and Tony Montez were visiting from the Hillsboro Club this morning.  They have an exciting opportunity to help raise funds for our clubs.  There were mixed reactions in our club and so we will be discussing it at our up coming board meeting.   The jist is the Hillsboro Club is committed to 4 times a month and 8 people to serve food and dispense beer at the Concession stand at 4 different venues.  The games times are different and the season goes from September-August.  This is part of Foods for Funds Program.  They said it would be helpful if 4 of our members could join 4 of their members at whichever location 4 times a month to work the concessions booth.  Some of the venues were the Portland Meadows and Hillsboro Stadium  there were 2 others but I apologize for not getting all of them.  If you are interested in doing this, please come and share your thoughts at the Board meeting in a couple of weeks.  

Jack spoke to Melinda at the Aloha Library regarding the bulletin boards.  He got all the sizes, he will be picking up the sound board and will schedule a time soon to have a work party in his shop at his house.  

Jack also passed around pictures of his granddaughters birthday party and what fun they had.  

Tony spoke of the Senior Rollers:  He spoke of a couple different rides coming up and the possibility of a new bike path through Beaverton.  He said they are also linked through the Washington County Visitors Association.  

This day in history was 1963 and it was the year that Alcatraz closed it's doors.  

Sally Fabre spoke to us as our very first speaker for the business of the month.  She has Agape Insurance:
Such a lovely lady.  She has been in the insurance industry for sometime.  Grew up in Iowa started working in Insurance at the age of 17, manually writing up insurance policies.  At 22 she moved to Oregon and continued the journey working in Insurance she worked through the ranks.  The opened the doors to her current business on January 1st 2003.  She is located in Aloha at: 

6079 SW 185th Ave.  Aloha, OR 97007
(503) 626-5790

She handed out pads of paper, pens and a bracelet that says "Got Agape" on it.  Wally presented a certificate for the Business of the Month presentation and also gave her an application to fill out for Optimist Club, if she would like to join us in the future.  Thanks Wally for the wonderful speaker.  

Sally also mentioned that a Baptist Church is moving into the old Bally Fitness Center across the parking lot from Peppermill.  They are going to use the basketball court to mentor young kids during the week and then on the weekends have their Sunday services there.  

Wally passed around 2 fliers.  The first was for: 

The Aloha Community Center has partnered with Meals on Wheels to serve a hot meal out of their new building located at 20250 SW Kinnaman Rd. Aloha, OR 97007.  There will be two meal choices daily that can be viewed at

Cost will be $ 5.00 a person.  Cash and Check only accepted. 
Time: Monday-Friday 11:30-1pm.  
They do appreciate a 24 hour notice.  

Second flier was for Washington County Sheriffs Office Presents:  Surviving Acts of Violence in the Business Community.  Members of the Washington County Sheriff's Office Tactical Negations Team (TNT) will present this FREE informative workshop.  

Topics to be covered:  Preparing for the Unthinkable in the Workplace, Situational Awarness, Dealing with Open Hostility, Signs of Imminent Violence and Active Threats.  

For your convenience, workshops will be hosted in various locations served by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.  

April 11, 2013 7:30am-8:45am
Bethany Village, 15220 NW Laidlaw (Community Room) Portland. 

May 9, 2013 7:30am-8:45am
Valley Community Presbyterian 
8060 SW Brentwood St. Portland

Contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 503-846-2579 or e-mail to reserve your spot today.  Space is limited.  

Wally also wanted to mention that we as a club have a new e-mail address, that would be:

I think that covers everything we discussed today, was a small group.  Captain Oathes was back from the Beaverton Police Department.  

Things to Remember: 

Board Meeting Monday April 1, 2013 at the PAL Club 6:30pm to whenever we are done

Please visit our website to stay up to date:

Have a nice weekend and see you next Thursday March 28, 2013.  Jocelyn from PAL Club will be there to speak to us on what is happening at PAL as well as receive a check from the club.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here's what happened today, March 14, 2013

Good Morning everyone. Figured if I didn't write these up I'd surely leave something out. Great group of folks this morning. 

Bruce brought fliers for the Beaverton, Banks and Beyond Bike Tour which will be held on August 24, 2013 starting at Papa's Pizza Parlor. Registration is currently open, they have an early offer for a NWBSC biking jersey as well. There annual budget right now is creeping up to $ 25,000. Thanked the Optimist Club for their donation. 

Greg Cody joined us today he is on the THPRD Board as well as a neighbor to Marv Doty. Eric S. talked to him at coffee last night and suggested he come to check out the Optimist Club. 

Bruce introduced Captain Eric Oathes of the Beaverton Police Department, he will take over where Terry Merritt left off as our liaison. Bruce has known Eric for sometime as they used to do cases together. 

Alan asked Bruce if Captain Oathes had received a brochure to fill out, when Bruce said no that he had read in an e-mail provided by Alan, that he would have one ready this morning. Alan had to scramble a bit but the captain got his brochure to fill in. 

Bob P. brought an updated roster, passed it around so people could make changes. Thank you Bob for doing this. 

Dave said we need to move our shed. Bob P. said to call him that he would come over and meet Dave and go through the stuff in shed. 

Raffle winner last week was Eric. He gave his winnings to the Dean Mitchell Scholorship Fund. Thank you for doing that. Raffle winner this week was Wally. 

Linda Robinson came from the Hope Pantry, to let us know what they have been up to. Linda said that last year they gave out 5,500 food boxes. These food boxes give a family a 3 day supply of food. The Hope Pantry helped out 23,000 people last year. Said it's very rare for people to come weekly to the pantry. That often people come in just when the need arises. 

They are looking for Volunteers. Here are their hours of operations in case you have a little time to spend at the Hope Pantry: 
10-11:30am Unload food trucks, Prep the Pantry, Stock the Shelves 
6:00-7:00pm Repackage the produce 
10:00-1:30pm Prep the Pantry, Fill Food Boxes, Clean up 
10-11:30am Receive/sort/store food from stores 
2:00-3:30pm Unload food trucks, prep the pantry, stock the shelves 
10:00-11:30am Prep the Pantry, fill food boxes, clean up 

If you are interested in helping you can contact Linda Robinson at 805-750-5105 or at the Hope Pantry's email address: She mentioned that if you would like to donate items that during any of the times above would be great. The top things they are looking for are; Shampoo, TP, deodorant and bar soap. 

Bob P. talked about the amazing time he had at the Robotics fair this last weekend at the Memorial Coliseum. Said that this year the kids made robots that launched Frisbee's clear across the room. Something for our club to get involved in next year. 

This day in History, 1997. Bill Clinton, while recovering from an operation, showed interest in picking up golf again. 

Next week our speaker will be Sally Fabre, she is with the Aloha Business Association and our Optimist club speaker of the month. She works for Agape Community Insurance. 

The week after that Joycelyn from PAL will be there. 

Here is our website, please check it out and read a blurb about our speaker of the month. 

Last but not least, have a great week everyone and we'll see you next week. Susan

Minutes from March 7

Out-of-town Bob returned from Maui. He was just in time to help induct his son Matt into our Club. His dad helped apply his pin while acting President Bob gave him certificates and paperwork to make it official. Matt helped with our cleanup at the Jenkins Estate while his father sunned himself in Hawaii. Matt has two little daughters five and two. He is a proud Beaver while his wife Sara is a Duck. He claims to clothe the girls in orange and black? He works at Intell and is planning on taking a sabbatical this summer so he will be available for lots of service projects? Matt and Bob Primrose  seemed overjoyed with the primroses they received and can’t wait to plant them.

Chaplain Wally took us back to 1776 with a puzzle named Sandy and offered to tell whether he was talking hurricanes only if his palm was crossed with shekels. He didn't charge for the prayer. President Bob began with a quick recap of Monday evening’s Board Meeting. We replaced Joe Coss, who left us for his Bend retreat, and asked Susan to take his place on the Board. Bob was still attempting to connect with Park & Rec’s. risk management to determine whether our wood splitting and firewood sales can continue at the Jenkins Estate. Jack stepped up to offer his expertise in building some bulletin boards for Aloha’s new library. Scott Thompson's wife just built one (I think to assign chores for Scott and his sons).  So he will help and Wally explained what sizes are needed and where they are to go. Bob Arneson is working with Fir Grove grade school on their cleanup service project scheduled for April 27th so keep this date open.

Bob has speakers lined up for the 21st…Sally Fabre (Aloha Business Association) and the 28th…Jocelyn (PAL Club) and next week we asked the Hope Pantry folks to send a representative to accept our donation for food or necessary supplies. Bruce Buffington has been appointed by Beaverton’s Police Chief to PAL’s new Board. Bruce will be bringing an officer to join our Club next week. We need to get a new application ready. See our Optimist calendar on our web site for correct speaker spellings.

Bob spent his last weeks raffle winnings on breakfast for speakers and Eric Squires, this morning’s speaker, will collect today’s pot of ½ $11.00. Wally claims the New York Provincial Congress ordered the Sandy Hook lighthouse to be dismantled on this day in 1776 so the invading British ships would crash on the rocks. The idea was devious but the British just installed new equipment so our plot was foiled. New Jersey and New York bickered over ownership of the lighthouse until the federal government assumed control of all lighthouses in 1787. In 1996 the Sandy Hook lighthouse, the oldest original lighthouse on the United States, passed into the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. It remains in operation as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Eric Squires spoke to us about an Aloha Historical Society which he cleverly wrapped up with an audio visual demonstration with the latest inexpensive gadgets which could record our meeting’s proceedings and he explained how he did this with his CPO 6 meetings for which he is the honcho. They don’t just talk about land use nowadays. He is having a candidates' forum with folks running for the water board and the school district. His CPO is really a city club in disguise.

Besides being involved with the CPO he also got the wheels rolling in starting Aloha’s new library. And he belongs to the Aloha Business Association with our own Wally. He also is involved with the Washington County Museum and Beaverton Historical Society. Eric brought a friend with him, Anthony Mills, who is a sociologist with a degree in Poly Sci. who spent time in Russia and Micronesia. He likened Eric to Benjamin Franklin because he has so many interests and involved in so many things. We need both of these folks to join our club.

Eric offered to show any of our members how to operate this equipment and to put us in touch with “Free Geek” so we can build our own computers. (First I need to learn how to run my phone!) On behalf of the Club, Wally presented Eric with a children’s book, “It Happened on a Train” to be given to Aloha’s new library.