Friday, May 24, 2013

Notes from Beaverton Optimist Club, May 23

Happy Friday Everyone,

We had a few guests this morning. Kathy Jungles & Bill French from the Hillsboro Club joined us. As did County Commissioner Greg Malinowski.

Few Dates to remember:
This coming Monday's board meeting has been cancelled due to lack of board members being in town.

June 1, 2013 is our first Farmers Market

June 20, 2013 Dean Mitchell Scholarship winner dinner at Spaghetti Factory in Tannesbourne. For more information on the scholorship winner please visit our website at

District Convention this year in McCall Idaho in August.

Hillsboro Optimist Club is doing their golfing fundraiser on September 21, 2013 in case anyone from our club would like to form a team and make money for the club at the same time. Bill will be sending Wally the information regarding the event.

Marv D. was back and looking very good. Gave us an update on his condition as well as the Memorial Day Celebration this coming Monday.

Memorial Day Ceremony. 10am a 62 piece band will start to play. At 11am the ceremony will start. There will be 2 fly overs, one at 11am and one at 12pm. Please come out for this ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park in Beaverton.

Wally passed around index cards so we could write encouraging messages to the folks in Moore, Oklahoma. There is an optimist club in the tornado ravaged town. Wally has a contact name and will forward on these messages of support to that person.

We got a t-card from Stacy Goodwin of SMART. 

Pin and Badge check, Dave got fined. Alan was the secret greeter and said everyone shook his hand except Eric and since he's not a paying member yet we couldn't fine him.

Road Cleanup: 6 folks showed up. No PAL Kids, there was a miscommunication. Alan mentioned they picked up 9 bags of trash, someone's drive shaft and many hub caps. Thank you to Tom for coordinating the event.

Raffle winner last week was Eric, didn't hear if he donated again or not. This week was Alan.

Kathy J. brought up that the officer's for this year report was due the 20th of this month, asked we got our's in. President Bob is out of town so we'll have to ask when he gets back.

This week in History, 2 dates: 1843 and 1900. In 1843 on yesterday's date in history, Great Emigration departs from Oregon. In 1900, Forgotten Civil War hero honored.

Our speaker this week was Love Inc. They have an event coming up on August 10th from 11-1pm at Aloha High School. Their 7th annual Packed with Love Backpack Giveaway. They are looking for volunteers, if interested please call 503-336-5946.

Speaker next week is Eric Squires who has a blender of things to talk about.

See you all next week.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Notes from the meeting - May 16

Good Day Everyone, 

First off Marv D. had a stroke 3am Tuesday morning, his daughter called 911 and they got him to the hospital.  Amazing, Marv went home later that afternoon. He has weakness in his right arm/fingers and leg.  He can't drive for a week or so, is taking some rehab help.  Prognosis good.  Probably back to normal in 30 days.  His doctors were very impressed with his healing process.  We missed you today Marv!  

It is National Police Week.  With this please come and join local law enforcement tomorrow at the Hillsboro Civic Center at 11am,  to remember those officers that have been lost in Washington County.  Need more information contact Wally.  

Wally got a thank you card from the Business of the month, Cut Above Pawn, and a check from them for $ 50 for our club.  

I gave an update on the safety fairs.  This weekends safety fair at Vose has been cancelled due to lack of preparation by the school.

Speaking of this weekend our Road Cleanup is taking place.  Tom is leading the charge as Bob A. is going to be out of town.  Alan is picking up the stuff.  Landon from PAL Club has 8 youths who will be helping too.  Wally may have some church members who come to help as well.  

Marv Thompson gave us an update on his time in Las Vegas recently.  Scott told him he should tell us what absurd time he had to get up to go golfing.  His friend scheduled them to play golf at 6am, which meant that Marv had to be up and out by 3am.  He mentioned that there was a Mayweather (sp?) fight the night before and the crowd in the lobby was a bit rough.  

Bob A. will be out of town the next two weeks.  Wally has offered to be president during this time.  

Also the officers for next year are: 


Eric S. brought in applications for everyone to get a library card.  He's so efficient  he has the library cards with him.  He thanked us for getting the card and also thanked us for all our support.  

Speaking of Eric S. He won last week's raffle and gave his winnings to the Dean Mitchell Fund.  He also happened to win this weeks raffle as well.  

Bob A. sang to us for his birthday.  Great singing.  

This day in history- 1929 First Academy awards. 

Our speaker was Stacey Goodwin from SMART.  She told us what is happening at SMART these days and the fact that SMART celebrated 20 years last year.  They are a 98% privately funded company.   

Next week our speaker will be Ed Proloux from Love Inc. 

Have a great week, don't forget our website:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beaverton Optimist Club Minutes 5-2-2013

Hello Everyone: 

Board meeting Monday 6:30pm at the PAL Club.  Hope to see you there.

Couple of activities you can participate in. 

First tonight, May 2, 2013,  CPO6 is having a meeting from 7-9pm at 20665 SW Blanton in Aloha at the TVFR N. Command Center.  Speaker is Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen.  Round table discussion.  

This weekend the Aloha Library is moving their Annex, if you have some time to help please come out.  If you would like more information please contact Eric Squires.

Saturday May 4, 2013 from 10-1pm,  NW Bicycle Safety Council is having a helmet fair at Vernonia Elementary School.  If your interested in volunteering please contact Susan and I will add you to the volunteer list.  

Bruce announced that on Monday May 13th NWBSC will have it's birthday.  They started back in 1996 and as he said many of the folks in Optimist were there for the first event.  

This last weekend we gave out 176 helmets at the Cedar Hills Crossing Safety Fair. 

Bruce mentioned that the owner of CG Construction was closing his business, he donated a 2005 Ford Cargo Van to NWBSC.  

Tom Baxter was with us this morning, he brought his checkbook and is back.  He gave an update on Barry who has had a couple of surgeries.  He was trying to get in shape for his back surgery and hurt his shoulder so he had his back surgery first recovered from that and then had shoulder surgery.  He's back to work but he can't lift anything with that arm and Tom was saying it won't be until September or so.  Tom got a new job 2.5 years ago that has kept him very busy, plus they had another child that too has kept him busy.  

Jack stopped by and chatted with Vern a couple days ago.  Vern really enjoyed the visit and Wally said that he had called Vern and chatted with him as well.  Give Vern a call or go and see him.  

Jack brought in a new gavel that he made.  Asked what he was doing to do with the other gavel Jack said he'd use it for firewood.  

Firewood Splitting:  2 cords have been split. Bob A. wants to make more dates for more splitting, said the wood is really good. We will discuss this at the board meeting.  

Bob A. is going to Idaho for vacation, Wally is going to be covering for him.  

Marv D. mentioned that Alan was a real trooper at wood splitting.  

Marv D. received a letter from Beaverton High School asking if they could help them get a flag in every classroom.  They are also going to be saying the Pledge of Allegiance each day as well.  Thank you Marv for your hard work on this issue.  

The West side Singers concert is coming up on May 11, 2013 at 7:30pm, Wally has tickets if you'd like to purchase them.  Bruce stood up and said that it's a great concert, well worth every penny.  

Last weeks raffle winner was Jack, he donated his $ 6 to the Dean Mitchell Scholarship Fund.  This weeks winner was the Prez, Bob A.  

Wally passed around a bottle for NW Childrens Outreach, Wally will deliver the money.  

This week in history: Elias Boudinot is born.  

Our speakers this week were great.  Terrel and Becky Jarvis from Electronics Unlimited.  Therrill Jarvis and his wife Becky started Electronics Unlimited in 1995 in Washington County.  Electronics Unlimited provides computer support.   Terrill brings years of experience with Microsoft windows, Novell and a wide variety of common software programs as well as extensive experience with all Intell processors.  prior to starting Electronics Unlimited, Terrill work as a subcontractor for Intel, performing processor and IT support.  Becky Jarvis manages the marketing, customer relations and scheduling of service appointments.  Electronic Unlimited are members of the Aloha Business Association and the Cedar Mill Business Association.  Electronics Unlimited believes in giving back to the community and works pro-bono with the following non profits:  Aloha Library Association, Growing Gardens and Portland Habitat for Humanities.  

Check out our website at 

See you at the Board Meeting.